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Consumer Cost IncreasesInsurance Facts and Statistics

According to the Insurance Information Institute, from 2002 to 2011 the overall cost of living consumer price index (CPI) increased 25%, at the same time:

  • Physician’s Services costs increased 30.6%
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance costs increased 33.3%,
  • Medical Care Items costs increased 40.1%
  • Hospital Services costs increased 79.1%

Source: The Insurance Information Institute


Private Health Insurance Coverage

As of 2010 only 64.0% of people were covered by private health insurance, that number has been decreasing since 2001. Source: U.S. Census Bureau


Living Without Health Insurance:

49.9 million people were uninsured as of 2010, an increase of almost one million people from 49.0 million as of 2009. Source: U.S. Census Bureau

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Uninsured Children: Insurance Needs

As of 2010 9.8% of children under 18, (or 7.3 million children) were without health insurance. That rate increases to 15.4% for children living in families in poverty. Source: U.S. Census Bureau


Employer Based Coverage Shrinking

Only 55.3% of people were covered by employment-based health insurance in 2010, down from 56.1% one year earlier. Source: U.S. Census Bureau


Medical Bills & Bankruptcy

Over 60% of bankruptcy filings are directly attributable to Illness related expenses, lost wages, and medical bills, according to multiples studies conducted over the last several years, including those published by the AMA, and conducted by Harvard University.


Going Without Coverage Means Going Without Care

40 million people needed but did not receive health services including; medical care, prescription medications, mental health care, dental care or eyeglasses because they lacked adequate coverage and could not afford those services. Source: CDC -National Center for Health Statistics 2005 Study




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